Burmingham bullring evacuated this morning

Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre was briefly evacuated this morning following reports to police of a man seen carrying a machete; The public also reported a ‘suspicious bag’ in the centre.

Police were called to the shopping centre at 8.30 am after they received reports of a man carrying a machete. Police also received reports of a suspicious bag although when they searched it found it to be full of toiletries.

 Birmingham Bullring Evacuated @adamwheeler23 / Twitter

The incident forced the closure of the Birmingham Bullring. The centre is home to over 200 businesses. Todays incident is the Bullrings second evacuation in the last 5 days as shoppers had to be evacuated due to a small fire.

West Midlands Police spokesperson said, “The Bullring was evacuated briefly this morning after a 28-year-old man, armed with a machete, was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon“.

The centre fully reopened to the public at 9:50 am. Follow Voice Britannia on Facebook and join the conversation!

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