peaceful anti fascisim and antiracisim activists protest and glasgow

All too often these days, we sit and write about protests descending into violence, but today is hopefully a refreshing change. This morning, hundreds of Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist protestors filled George Square. Protestors ‘took a knee’ in a mass display of solidarity and peaceful protest.

Peaceful Anti-facist and Black Lives Matter protestors – Glasgow 20th June

Taking a knee‘ is done to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movements protests against police violence.

Protestors in Black marched through Central Glasgow this Morning.

This morning, police moved in to block a group of unidentified protestors who were walking through central Glasgow. Police were quick to act against the group of protestors who were mostly dressed in Black. Police look to have split George Square in half, in efforts to keep groups of protestors apart. We are unable to confirm if the group spotted was related to the Black Lives matter movent or far-right counter-protestors.

Recent protests connected to the Black Lives Matter movement have been mostly peaceful; however, protests have been connected to flare-ups of social disobedience with over 140 arrests made within one 7 day period. Prime Minister Boris Johnson described previous violent protestors as “subverted by thuggery”; Home Secretary Priti Patel reminded all protestors that ‘all large gatherings are currently unlawful’ due to the COVID19 pandemic.

far right thugs clash with police and protestors in glasgow 17th June
far right thugs clash with police and protestors in glasgow 17th June

Violent counter-protests in Glasgow last weekend were been linked to neo-nazi group ‘National Rebirth Scotland’; who claim to plan on disrupting future anti-racism protests. Police in Glasgow, and London, are on full alert with groups of ‘patriots claiming to ‘guard statues’; The counter-protestors began to arrive in the wake of the removal of ‘slaver’ Edward Coulson’s statue. Police have warned to they will take firm action on anyone breaking the law.

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