An investigation by Black Isle media’s Alex Tiffin has found that CO-OP has been attempting to restrict the information their employees give to the NHS’s test and trace program.

leaked document sent to some store managers – Obtained by Alex Tiffin.

A leaked Document from The Co-op Food Group shows how some managers have been instructed to withhold full lists of store employees from the NHS test and trace program. The document details ‘a new process’ managers are meant to follow from the 1st August, that says staff are to consult with their managers before disclosing information of people they may have been in contact with to the NHS test and trace program.

Read Alex Tiffins full investigation here!

Due to CO-OP management believing that some of their employees have been forced to isolate ‘unnecessarily, for 14 days’; they have introduced the policy that will see staff telling NHS test and trace ‘they will call them back’, before calling their store manager for guidence.

Read Alex Tiffins full investigation here!

The store managers will then be put in contact with a ‘Risk officer’ and a ‘Response team’, who then create a list of people they believe may be at risk. From this list, the store manager then has to review the activities of those listed for any close-contact on the stores CCTV; This information is then fed back to the risk officer, with any colleagues that have tested positive THEN calling test and trace to share the name of colleagues their manager says they have been in contact in.

Read Alex Tiffins full investigation here!

The test and trace program has been put in place to help stop the spread COVID-19 throughout the UK, and this program falls on its face when 3rd parties begin trying to dictate how, when and what data is reported to the program. It is understandable that large employers are looking to find ways to mitigate against COVID-19; However, this is not the way to do it. No 3rd parties should be interfering with the test and trace program.

The only way we have of controlling COVID-19 as a society is to be responsible and make sure we give programs like test and trace all the information it needs; and not a filtered version that puts costs over responsibility.

To read the full article and responce from CO-OP, click here to be taken to Journalist Alex Tiffins ‘Black Isle Media’ website. Alex is one of a handfull of solid independent journalists and writers who we recommend following and supporting! (His most recent exclusive was his investigation into Dominic Cummings unregistered second home!)

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