With COVID-19 cases again spreading throughout the UK, Voice Britannia will be posting the UK’s regional and nationwide R numbers every few days. This article has the most recent regional R numbers and infection rates as of 10th September 2020 for the UK.

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UK National R number

Nationwide, The UK’s R number (from 5th Sept) is currently sitting at a median 1.12 with a range of 0.88 – 1.41. While this is a small (0.01) raise in the R number, the range has decreased by 0.08.

UK Regions R numbers

Regionally, we see a mixed, but very worrying picture accross the UK

As confirmed by Nicola sturgeon at todays FMQ’s in Holyrood, Scotlands R number is sitting at 1.22 with the potential to be as high as 1.61!

Wales and the East Midlands look to be in a bad situation.

East Midlands currently has an R number of 1.63 with its range rising to 2.36.

The North West currently has an R number of 1.46 with a range reaching 2.02.

Wales currently has an R number of 1.33 with a range reaching as high as 2.43.

Currently, England, the devolved nations, and in turn every region has an R number which is higher than 1.10.

Overall, it appears that the second wave has begun. Infections are currently rising at an exponential rate.

Overnight, the amounts of people in NHS hospitals with COVID-19 rose by 100 people to over 800 patients, with 20 of them in ventilation beds.

All data used in this article is sourced from the Center of Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases (CMMID). We report on the Governments ‘Office for Science’ R number when it is released every Friday afternoon. Follow us on social media, or visit the site on Friday to find out what government seems the R number is at.

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