spanish covid19 study shows herd immunity impossible title

A study published by the Lancet medical journal has shown that developing ‘herd immunity’ against COVID19 is ‘unachievable’; as only a tiny amount of patients develop an immunity to the virus!

Herd immunity is achieved when a population has been infected with a virus and in developed immunity or been vaccinated against it, stopping its spread.

Scientists in Madrid conducted a large-scale study into COVID19, to look at asymptomatic spread within Spanish society. The study looked at almost 36,000 households which were picked at random from Spains ‘municipal rolls. Scientists wanted to ascertain how many people had developed the antibodies (Seroprevalence) needed to fight Coronavirus.

The results show as little as 5% of people tested had developed COVID19 antibodies. Scientists say this indicates that people who have had Coronavirus are not guaranteed to develop COVID19 antibodies after infection; Meaning that it is likely someone who has already had the virus could catch it again, making ‘herd immunity’ unachievable.

Boris johnson on 'This Morning' telling people to 'take it on the chin' in reference to Coronavirus
Boris Johnson on ‘This Morning’ telling people to ‘take it on the chin’ .

The studies results are likely to draw more attention to the UK Governments shambolic COVID19 response. It is widely reported that the UK Governments Coronavirus response is underpinned by a ‘herd immunity’ plan; illustrated by PM Boris Johnson telling the nation we needed to ‘take (Coronavirus) on the chin’.

Over 60,000 people in the UK have now died from COVID19; with studies showing many deaths as being avoidable if Government had acted faster. It could now be time for Boris and Dominic to take Coronavirus seriously.

Should the government stick with its current COVID19 plan, or does it need to change what it is doing?

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