Matt hancock hospital stats not being reported 15th september

VB has found that the Department of Health and Social Care has stopped recording how many people are being hospitalised with COVID-19.

Governments COVID-19 hospital statistics

As the second COVID-19 wave hits the UK, and infections increase exponentially, hospitals seemed to be in a good state. However; VB discovered that Government has stopped counting COVID-19 patients currently in hospital.

UPDATE (10th October 2020) : Since we originally published this article, we spoke to governments Office for Science who manage this data. Voice Britannia was told that this problem was identified and would be fixed. Almost a month later, the issues have remained and the data on hospital admissions is not being updated correctly. Everything in this article remains relevant.

UK Governments COVID-19 dashboard –

Looking deeper into the Department of Health’s COVID-19 dashboard; we learned that DHSC has stopped counting COVID-19 hospitalizations altogether.

No hospital statistics since 2nd Spetember

From the 2nd September, DHSC stopped counting the number of people being hospitalised with COVID-19; and the total amount of people hospitalised by the virus.

The 2nd September was the day new cases went back above 1500 per day.

This revelation leads to the question why are government again trying to obscure COVID-19 hospitalisation data? What else are they hiding?

In a strange twist, the statistics for the amounts of patients receiving ventilation have been updated. This shows the hospital data is still being reported to DHSC, although the department is not publishing them.

As the second wave brakes against British shores, it is important government be transparent with its COVID-19 data. The public has a right to know where the virus is taking hold and how bad things are. The more the public knows, the more we can prepare and stop the virus spreading more.

The public deserves full transparency in relation to COVID-19. Voice Britannia has contacted the Department of Health and Social Care for comment.

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