Exclusive Government may introduce Tier 4

How can the UK Government avoid the appearance of a COVID19 lockdown? A Westminster source has exclusively told Voice Britannia that in Government’s opinion the answer is simple – Just add a new tier!

Over the weekend government officials have been scrambling to avoid the ‘appearance’ of a full England-wideCOVID19 lockdown.

As Coronavirus continues to spread through the population, ministers worry that in a matter of weeks most of England will be living under Tier 2 or Tier 3 restrictions. But, Senior government officials want to avoid the appearance of a full nationwide lockdown.

A WM source said ‘the current view within DSHC’ (Department of Health) is that ‘most of the UK will be living under either Tier 2 or Tier 3 by mid-November’. Officials believe the current trajectory will see the UK reporting over 40k new COVID-19 cases per-day by mid-November; with all Nightingale hospitals being reactivated to deal with excess cases across England.

Whitehall officials are ‘concerned’ that if most of the country is living under either tier 2 or 3 restrictions. It will be perceived as a full lockdown.

The Solution being banded around Downing Street is to introduce a fourth COVID-restriction tier. The ‘tier 4’ will see locale’s forced into a ‘full localised lockdown’. Tier 4 may see all non-essential shops closing, and the return of strict restrictions on the movement of people. This would mean the reintroduction of citizens only being allowed outdoors to exercise, travel to work or to buy essential supplies.

Government officials believe by introducing a new higher restriction tier they can avoid the pubic turning on restrictions; And importantly avoid claims that the country has been locked down via the back door.

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