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A recent report by Public Health England has found that gonorrhoea cases in England have jumped by a giant 26% leading to the UK Government urging people to remember to practice ‘safer sex’.

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The PHE data focused on Sexually transmitted infections and screening for chlamydia in England during 2019; And found that gonorrhoea cases rose by 26% in 2019; from 56,232 cases in 2018 to 70,936!

The increases in gonorrhoea were observed in…

  • gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men from 26,864 to 33,853 (26% increase)
  • heterosexual women from 14,167 to 17,826 (26% increase)
  • heterosexual men from 13,036 to 15,253 (17% increase)

The report also found that overall, England has seen a large increase in people testing positive with STI’s (Sexually transmitted infections). Cases of syphilis have increased by 10%, with 7982 cases reported in 2019; and 229,411 people were diagnosed with chlamydia.

PHE’s report states that the rise in STI’s is linked to incorrect condom use, a rise in ‘casual’ sex partners and an overall increase in testing for STI’s in England.

The report’s findings have prompted health officials to remind people in England to practise safe sex, including correct condom use.

(Whatever you do, DO NOT SEARCH GOOGLE IMAGES FOR ‘syphilis’.)

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