Boris Johnson and Nicola sturgeon voice britannia

As the silly season draws to a close, the government has decided to end it with an almighty flourish of

Government sources have expressed anger at the Scots government alleging that those rotters at Holyrood are trying to ruin their plans to hold a “Festival of Britain” in 2022. However, Scot’s Government spokesperson has said the claim was ‘unfounded’.

The disagreement stems from allegation that ‘SNP ministers’ are demanding that ‘Boris Johnson’ refrain from using the terms ‘Britain’ or ‘UK’ on the branding of the ‘nationwide’ event. Government sources have claimed that SNP representatives of the Scottish government are being difficult on the branding of the proposed festival.

The event in question was first announced by Theresa May during her attempts to sell her Brexit deal to ministers. Theresa’s plan was to get her Brexit deal through government, then hold a modern version of the 1951 Festival of Britain; which saw a series of events tour the UK, and ‘national exhibition’ on London’s South-Bank which saw over 8 Million people attending during the 5-month long event.

Scottish Conservative’s Shadow Culture Secretary, Maurice Golden, has accused the SNP of playing “petty, nationalist politics”; However, a spokesperson for the Scots Government stated that they had been “engaging positively” during the process and that “any suggestion to the contrary is unfounded”.

What makes this story silly, is not the fact the only thing to survive the Theresa May era was her plans to hold a kitsch national fair, but the fact that Westminster is so sure Scotland will still be a member of the UK in 2020.

Boris Johnson and Nicola sturgeon voice britannia

Currently in Scotland, poll after poll shows that in the wake of Brexit and Boris Johnson taking the reigns of power in Westminster, a majority of Scots want Scotland to be independent of the United Kingdom. On the 1st of January Scotland will be pulled out of the EU, after a Conservative government explicitly promised that if Scotland voted to remain in the UK their ‘place in the world’ would be protected. In Scotland, Trust in the Westminster government is at an all-time low.

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It is dubious whether the allegations made in the Telegraphs article were real or not; as I said in the opening of the article, it’s just silly. From start to finish, the whole thing reads like someone at Tory HQ has cooked up during a fag-break with the help of their summer intern, then sent it directly to Chris Evans.

My tip to whoever brainstormed this idea is to quit while your ahead, or send me an email (rates apply).

It’s going to take A LOT more than rumours of an English fair being ruined to make Scot’s angry. But hey, by 2022 Scotland might be out of the British Union and on their way to rejoining the EU.

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