Gavin Williamson - primary schools wont open before summer

Government has this announced a ‘triple-lock’ for students receiving exam results in England this year. Students will be able to accept their calculated grade, appeal and use valid mock results or sit exams in autumn to ensure they can achieve the best grades.

However, this last-minute announcement has caused anger, with students and student stating that using valid mock results is unfair.

Education secretary Gavin Williamson said : “Every young person waiting for their results wants to know they have been treated fairly. By ensuring students have the safety net of their mock results, as well as the chance of sitting autumn exams, we are creating a triple lock process to ensure confidence and fairness in the system.

“No one wanted to cancel exams – they are the best form of assessment, but the disruption caused by Covid-19 meant they were not possible.

“This triple lock system will help provide reassurance to students and ensure they are able to progress with the next stage of their lives.”

in the last week, students in Scotland have been protesting after the methods used to give Scottish students their grades were deemed to be unfair, with many students receiving lower grades than they believe they worked for. Yesterday, the Scots government U-turned on their policy and promised to re-grade students.

This will provide an additional safety net to the system of calculated grades, which is the fairest possible approach in the absence of exams. The grades students receive on Thursday will be based on the judgement of their school or college, and have been moderated by exam boards to make sure the same standard is applied for all students, whichever school, college or part of the country they come from.

Students who would like to use a valid mock result will be able to do so through the appeals process, with individuals notifying their school or college who will provide evidence of their mock results to their exam board.

Students in England will be allowed to chose between a predicted grade, or the ‘mock;’ grade from their prelim exams in December/January last year. Students will start to receive their exam results next week; It will be interesting to see how good, or bad students believe they have done.

Experts believe the results will lead to ‘absolute kaos’.

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