Prime Minister Boris johnson and Tory doner Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin

Great news for England as it was reported that Government are set to announce changes to social-distancing rules in England. It is believed that unless something drastic changes, social distancing will reduce from 2 to 1-Meter this Tuesday!

Many business owners will see the changes as a reason to celebrate, with the reduction in distancing guidelines paving the way for England’s pubs and entertainment venues for the Summer.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Conservative Doner / Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Conservative Doner / Wetherspoons owner Tim Martin

The change in social-distancing guidelines comes as infection rates (r) in the north-west and north-east being reported as close to 1.0 in some places! Many will appreciate the newfound freedom; although experts have stated that any reduction in social-distancing guidelines comes with a risk of infection.

This revisions to the guidelines will come in to force while the UK is still recording over 1,000 new cases of Coronavirus, and over 100 deaths every day. Currently, the department of health has recorded 42,589 deaths from COVID19 in the UK; However, the ONS (office of national statistics) has said the number could currently be as high as 60,000 deaths.

Current UK Covid19 statistics

It is unknown whether this change in guidelines is related to the secretive ‘save summer six’ group and MP Alok Sharma’s talks with his Danish counterpart to find ways to alter the UK’s social distancing guidelines.

alok sharma becomes ill potential covid19 in house of commons 3rd june

While we know any reduction to social-distancing will come with risk; What is unknown is how bad a problem the UK really has with COVID-19 pandemic. Government looks to only be planning for the best and hoping for the best; so let’s hope Coronavirus doesn’t do its best!

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