Hours after facing off against Nicola Sturgeon at this weeks ‘First Ministers Questions’ at Holyrood; Jackson Carlaw, leader of the Scottish Conservative party, has resigned, stating ‘he was not the best person to lead the case for Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom’.

Holyrood – Scottish Parliament.

Carlaw has served as the Scottish Conservative party leader since February following Ruth Davidson’s retirement from mainstream politics.

Questions will be asked about why Jackson Carlaw has decided to step down, now; and whether his reasoning may point to deeper issues within the Conservative Party.

It is odd that Carlaw, an ardent Unionist who has gone on record stating he was ‘totally opposed’ to a second independence referendum has explicitly linked his exit so explicitly with a potential future battle AGAINST Scottish independence. Has he perhaps became more open to Scottish independence?

Carlaw’s exit could signal that Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have decided that they WILL bow to Scots pressure and allow the Scots Government to hold another independence referendum. Whatever the reason for Carlaws exit from Holyrood, it’s clear that he wants no part in whatever Boris Johnson is planning for Scotlands future. (Unless Boris wants him in the Lords with Ruth?)

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