Matt Hancock - Government will have no truck with anti-vaccination campaigner

Labours shadow health-minister Johnathan Ashworth used an ‘Urgent Question’ in the House of Commons to call on the government to ban ‘anti-vax propaganda’.

Ashworth’s call comes as Health minister Matt Hancock was called to the Commons to answer questions on the COVID-19 pandemic; and also to update the house on findings that the drug DEXAMETHASONE can help in the treatment of Coronavirus.

Hancock told the house “I concur with him (Ashworth) entirely that we should have no truck with anti-vaccination campaigners. The reason we are working so hard with full-blown clinical trials of these vaccines is to make sure they are safe; if they are declared scientifically safe then everybody should have one.”

Johnathan Ashworth – calls on government to ban anti-vax propaganda.

Ashworth calls for Government to act against Anti-vaxxer propaganda comes as anti-vax propaganda has already begun circulating on social media. In recent years, England has seen massive rises in children who have caught measles, blamed directly on anti-vaxxer propaganda.

While Hancock indicated that he would not have any ‘truck’ (?) with anti-vaxxers, the minister stopped short at taking action; refusing to use his Coronavirus bill powers to ban the circulation of Anti-vaxxer propaganda.

Public health England advises the public to ensure they have had 2 doses of MMR vaccine after outbreaks of measles are confirmed across England. Vaccine’s save lives!

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