Rosie duffield MP quits labour party whip role

Labour’s party whip, Rosie Duffield MP, has resigned her post after admitting she broke lockdown rules to meet with her married lover.

It was reported by The Mail on Sunday, and most other news outlets, that Ms. Duffield had resigned after admiting to breaching the UK (England’s) COVID-19 lockdown guidelines.

Ms Duffield had owned up to ignoring the lockdown rules by meeting with her now partner James Routh in April. The pair went for what she described as a ‘socially distanced walk’ , before returning to MP Duffields home, with Duffield assuring the paper that she maintained ‘they observed the two-metre rule at all times’.

Married Man Mr Routh had affair with Rosie Duffield MP
Mr Routh

This news comes only a week after the (ongoing) scandal where Boris Johnson’s chief advisor, Dominic Cummings, made his infamous trip from London to his Durham home (which he pays no Council Tax on), and Barnard Castle.

Ironically, the ” whips” job in a political party is to uphold party discipline and ensure that people do not break the rules and remain orderly. It will be embarrassing for Labour to have their enforcers has had to resign from the shadow cabinet for such an emotive breach of the Coronavirus guidelines. This breach of the COVID-19 guidelines came at a cruel time when many across the British isles are unable to see loved ones or attend the funerals of those who had passed away.

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