R number s topping off - 1.21 - 1.41

Today (Friday) The government Office for Science have released the latest COVID-19 R number and growth rate for the UK as of the 28th August. We have all the details below.

The UK’s R Number 28th August 2020

This week, government has reported the R number as being between 0.9-1.1, which is the same as last week, so while the R number remains close above 1.0, the COVID-19 outbreaks seem to be being dealt with effectively through the use of local lockdowns, in all UK nations.

Earlier in the week, independent COVID-19 modelling indicated that the UK-wide R number was in fact dropping, and had dropped below 1.0 and looked to be dropping further.

Regionally, the Office for Science’s stats give the same positive outlook, with no real change; and previously high R number regions like the Midlands and the North East dropping to 0.8.

Regional R Number’s 28th august 2020 (England only)

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