Over the weekend, officials have hinted that Leicester may be the first area of England to be put into a ‘local lockdown’ of two weeks. However, Last week VB reported that the R number in the East Midlands region as risen from an estimated 0.9 (0.7-1.1) to 1 (0.8 – 1.3)!

R Number estimates as of 29th May 2020
R Number estimates as of 10th June 2020

The reported high ‘R’ number in the area means Leicester may face another two weeks of lockdown. It has been suggested that the City continue with its lockdown in a bid to control an outbreak of coronavirus in the City.

Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby told BBC Radio 4 : “It was only last Thursday that we finally got some of the data we need but we’re still not getting all of it.

“What they’re suggesting is not a return to lockdown, it seems that what they’re suggesting is that we continue the present level of restriction for a further two weeks beyond July 4”.

Officials in Leicester have not yet made any decision on the cities lockdown status.

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