A Major incident was declared in Glasgow this afternoon, with reports of “multiple stabbings” being made. Three Fatalities have been confirmed. A Male attacker was shot dead by Armed police. Six people and a Police Officer are hospitalised and in a ‘critical condition’.

What we know … (facts only)

  • Currently 3 fatalities
  • The incident happened at Glasgows Park Inn Hotel on West George Street.
  • suspects were forced to exit the Park Inn Hotel with ‘arms raised’ by Armed Police.
  • The ‘main suspect’ was shot and killed armed police.
  • Police Officer was stabbed and in critical condition.
  • 6 people are in Hospital in ‘critical condition’.
  • Incident was a multiple stabbing.
  • Has not yet been designated as a “terrorist” incident.


Armed Police in Central Glasgow today
Statement by Greater Glasgow police.

UPDATE: Sky News are reporting that the incident happened at the Park Inn hotel West George Street, Glasgow. Officers and paramedics in “hazmat” suits were spotted attending to people who appear to have been stabbed. There is currently large police and paramedic response underway.

Eye witness called Sky News. Louisa (across the street) saw the aftermath. She saw around 3 people on the ground, covered in blood. The people were taken away in Ambulances. The witness saw a group of people being told to come out of the Park Inn hotel with their hands up by Armed Police. Unconfirmed reports state that shots were heard but these were believed to be by Armed Police.


The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has commented on the incident. Police have re-iterated that the incident is now ‘closed’. Currently, Police or Media have no confirmation whether this was a Terrorist incient, but it looks as if this is where the investigation is heading.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said :Deeply saddened by the terrible incident in Glasgow”.

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