Health Secretary Matt Hancock has ordered an ‘urgent review into how daily coronavirus death figures are calculated in England. Government claims the current method may have been including people who may have been recovering and died from ‘unrelated issues’.

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So far there have been over 45,000 reported deaths from Coronavirus in the UK; however, a ‘Government source’ told Sky News that Public Health Englands’s current way of calculating death’s mean that people who had tested positive for Coronavirus, but died during recovery, may have been counted as a COVID19 death.

Matt Hancock ordered the review this morning, to establish the ‘overall death tally; although, with ONS reporting over 60,000 deaths may be linked to Coronavirus in the UK; Sources close to VB have said this may be an attempt to knock down the UK’s death tally as opposed to obtaining any sort of ‘true’ statistic ‘which is probably higher than the current figure, not lower’.

What do you think about this story? Is it right that our politicians try and obtain clear, trustable fact; or is this an attempt to skew the UK’s COVID-19 death tally?

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