During July, NHS England has recorded a 33% increase in weekly new COVID-19 cases; Rising from 3912 new cases in the week ending 2nd July, to 5212 new cases in the week ending 30th July. Does this confirm a second COVID-19 wave?

To the NHS track and trace programs credit, the scheme has seen a 34% increase in the amounts of ‘tests’ they are running. However, it is important to remember the Government currently counts one person being tested with a nose and throat swab as 2 tests and does not indicate how many people had to be retested.

While test and trace got off to a slow and embarrassing start, the program does seem to be gaining steam as it matures. Currently, the program has contacted 58850 ‘recent close-contacts’ (non-complex cases) were asked to self-isolate, and asked to provide details of recent close contacts; with 32,032 being contacted within 24 hours.

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