Yesterday (6th September), a 65% increase in new COVID-19 cases was detected by the NHS. The UK Department of Health reported 2998 new cases in a single day.

This represents the most Coronavirus cases detected in a 24 hour period since May; Providing more evidence that COVID-19 is again snowballing out of control,

uk covid19 rolling 7-day total

Rolling 7-day total new COVID-19 cases

When looking at COVID-19 and its spread, just like the first wave, we get a more accurate picture by looking at 7-day totals and averages.

Looking at the last 7 days we see (between the 31st Aug – 6th September) 12695 new COVID-19 were reported by the Department of Health; an increase of 11% from the previous days 7-day total of 11412. (see chart above).

Since the 31st of August, the rolling 7-day total has seen an average increase of 5.76% per day.

Rolling daily average of new COVID-19 cases

As of the 6th September, the average amount of new COVID-19 cases the UK is reporting is 1813 cases per day. this represents an 11% increase from the previous day.

The average daily increase to the rolling daily average is currently 5.78%.

The data


The current increases we are seeing in COVID-19 cases are something we should all be taking seriously.

Overnight, mainstream media has attempted to spin this as the ‘biggest increase in cases since May’, which is not just disingenuous, it’s misleading. During May in the UK COVID-19 was on a decline following the first Coronavirus wave and the trouble it brought with it. There were no ‘increases’ to new cases in May, they were all decreases. Yesterday’s number is the biggest increase since March, when the UK was locked down.

The recent increase in new COVID-19 cases is the biggest increase since March 31st. The last time the UK saw an increase in COVID-19 on this scale; the UK had already in lockdown for a week!

Boris Johnson locked the UK down on the 23rd of March. At that time, the UK was reporting around 2000 cases per-day; however, it only took a matter of days for cases to jump from 2000 per day to over 4000.

During the first COVID-19 wave, the ‘tipping point’, where the virus was only controllable by locking the UK down, was around the 20th March; And the UK seems to be back at this tipping point, with cases beginning to multiply exponentially.

The government will have to ask itself serious questions about the potentiality of another national lockdown to again slow the virus spread; Although, Boris Johnson and co know another lockdown will be seen as a failure of leadership.

Last week, the UK Government reported (via SAGE) that the UK’s R number is between 0.9 and 1.1. The stats we have and the physical increase in new cases lend more credence to the thought that the Governments R number is WRONG. (And the numbers we have been reporting, are closer to the truth).

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