The UK Government has released its latest reproduction number report and growth rate of COVID-19) in the UK; confirming previous reports that R is now well over 1.0.

The Government SAGE group has reported current R-Number range for the UK is between 0.9 and 1.1. This data further confirmed the CCMID data Voice Britannia reported earlier today, which showed the UK’s R-Number as sitting at 1.13.

The SAGE data also reports that the COVID-19 ‘growth rate’ is currently between -3% and +1%, stating that this data “means the number of new infections is somewhere between shrinking by 3% and growing by 1% every day”; meaning COVID-19 cases in the UK should be dropping; However, this is now the case.

IN recent weeks (verified by NHS test and trace and Department of Health data) new cases have ballooned to on average over 1000 new cases every day, showing a week-to-week increase since the start of July. It is hard to see how the UK’s COVID-19 growth rate can be decreasing by 2% per day when Governments own statistics also show the Virus’s footprint to be growing, not shrinking.

What IS clear is that the R-Number is has been rising week-on-week for the last 6 weeks. No matter what Government seem to do, it is simply not working, as COVID-19 IS spreading and new cases are again rising.

We could be looking at another national lockdown may be on the cards this autumn.

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