Priti Patel says all large gatherings are unlawful folowing blacklivesmatter protests

The Home Secretary made a statement to ministers on the weekends ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests across the UK.

Priti Patel made a brief Government statement on racial equality stating “racism and discrimination in any form have no place in our society”.

Patel stated: “There is more we should all do to combat inequalities across society. To support those seeking social justice, better life chances and offer hope where all too often many are confronted by despair”.

While claiming ‘everyone’ should do more, the Home Secretary stopped short of mentioning any actions to combat racial equalities.

Patel also told the commons “No matter how important the cause, protesting in large numbers at this exceptional time is illegal”. She went on to say that “any large gatherings of people are unlawful”.

Priti Patel’s comments on gatherings are likely to confuse, as they follow Boris Johnson ‘relaxing’ England’s lockdown guidelines. People in England can currently meet outdoors while observing social distancing.

Tone Deaf
Priti Patel

Todays statement exposes possible tensions in Government; while Patel is deeming all large gatherings as “unlawful” Boris Johnson’s ‘save Summer’ group plans on re-opening pubs on 22nd June.

The ‘save summer’ group are looking to speed up the re-opening Englands pubs while following new social-distancing guidelines.

The Home Secretaries claim that large gatherings will be “unlawful” may friction in Government; as ministers rush to get people back in the pubs as soon as possible.

Read about Governments ‘Save Summer’ plan to re-open pubs early here.

Government trying to reopen pubs on 22nd june 2 weeks early
Government trying to reopen pubs on 22nd june 2 weeks early