Only 35 Percent of Brits now want to Leave the EU

A poll by the ‘European Social Survey‘ has shown that support for Brexit is COLLAPSING throughout the UK; with only 35% of British people now supporting Britains exiting the EU!

The survey shows that over the last few years, British support for EU membership has skyrocketed, with 57% of British people now wanting to rejoin the EU!

57% of Brits now want to REJOIN the EU!

The ‘European Social Survey’ poll citizens of all EU member countries on a range of issues, with support for the EU being questioned. The survey has shown that support for the EU has grown throughout all EU members.

Voice Britannia readers, what do YOU think about this? Are you one of the 57% who would rather we stayed IN the EU; or are you one of the 35% who thinks we should still LEAVE the EU?

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