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Its time to burst the bubble Government and those who feel the economy is more important than life are living in; Time is up! Whatever your COVID-19 plan was, it has failed! Whatever you think you are doing, it is not working. It is time to prepare for another lockdown.

4000 new COVID cases yesterday – Out of control.

Yesterday, the UK reported almost 4,000 new COVID-19 cases. The last time the UK reported this many new cases (while trending up towards a peak) was around the start of April.

R number s topping off - 1.21 - 1.41

As it stands now, as someone who lives and works in the UK, it feels like the only regulation’s people now pay any attention to is wearing masks/face coverings and washing hands; Everything else seems to have been forgotten.

In Supermarkets, for instance, the limits on how many people could be in a store seem to have vanished; The one-way systems have been removed, and social distancing seems long forgotten!

Further to shopping, most workplaces have returned, Schools and Universities have returned, and with the end of the furlough, scheme looming in the future even more people will be out and mingling. Is it any surprise that COVID-19 is spreading exponentially, again!

This morning, The rumour mill is running wild with stories that Chris Whitty has said a second Lockdown is imminent; and for once, I am NOT going to debunk this rumour, as logically it is fast becoming the ONLY option the UK government have left.

Personally, I was suprised that talks of a second UK lockdown hadn’t started sooner. The COVID19 statistics are something I have been avidly covering since before the first lockdown (before Voice Britannia existed! A crazy thought!). Statistically, it feels like I’ve been like living in a Coronavirus themed groundhog day.

As things stand now (as you can see in the chart above); The United Kingdom only a hair away from having the same amounts of (recorded) COVID-19 patients as we did at the start of April.

What led to the first UK lockdown?

The first UK lockdown happened when the first wave reached 1,000 new COVID-19 cases every day. IN terms of the second wave, we breached the 1,000 new cases per-day threshold on the 9th of AUGUST, well over a month ago. Since then, new COVID-19 cases have continues to grow. Now, we are back to the virus exponentially spreading. Government has lost control.

What is most concerning is that during the first wave we were all in lockdown; although now, there is little to no lockdown, people can still go to the pub, kids are still going to school, and the virus has been given the best possible chance at spreading!

As of writing this, news has broken that all county public health boards, who manage ‘COVID-19 action plans’; have been ordered to meet this afternoon following a government meeting on COVID-19.

What happens now?

It is possible that government could look to impose a series of local lockdowns in every UK region, as a way of locking the UK down without calling a full lockdown. Boris Johnson has said time and time again that he wants to avoid a second lockdown. It is possible we see the creation of a non-linear lockdown created using a series of local lockdowns, road closures and curfews.

Talking as someone who has followed the stats since day one and what led to the first UK lockdown, it seems like the only option left.

The UK’s COVID-19 plan has failed.
The Prime Minister has failed us.
Matt Hancock has failed us.
Government has failed us and dare I say, even the opposition front-bench and their hand-sitting has failed us!

Our political leaders don’t know their arses from their elbows, so I fail to see how they can find anything other than a lockdown to stop the virus from spreading further.

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