The Daily Mail is reporting that The Queen is to step in and clear a £6.7million debt that belongs to Prince Andrew. The huge bill is linked to a luxury chalet in Switzerland which Andrew and Sarah Fergason bought from Isabelle de Rouvre in 2014.

Chalet Helora - queen to pay prince andrews debt

A source from American magazine Air Mail reported that “Queen will pay the debt herself to avoid Prince Andrew being dragged through the courts in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal!”.

The Luxury chalet boasts a team of full-time staff and furnished in antiques, with the star feature being a huge “fur-draped” master bedroom.

De Rouvre rented the luxury property to the divorced-couple for £22,000 a week, giving them access to a large indoor swimming pool, sauna, a bar and easy access to the ski slopes. Madam Rouvre planned on selling the Chalet to Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergason after seeing how fond they were of the property, but after 6 years the £18 million debt has not been paid.

The Daily Mail reported that “Her Majesty will end the feud between the Duke and Duchess of York and Isabelle de Rouvre, who sold the Switzerland luxury chalet to them for £18million in 2014.”

A spokesperson for Prince Andrew stated, “The Queen will not be stepping in to settle the debt”. This comes in the same weekend that Metro reported that Prince Andrew is set to “permanently retire from royal life” following the Jeremy Epstein scandal.

Prince Andrew faces allegations of sexual abuse in relation to Jeremy Epstin

The settling of the Switzerland chalet debt will make sure that Prince Andrew is again able to avoid having to appear in a court for questioning, on any topic. It is unlikely that the Andrew / Epstein issue, and the allegations of sexual abuse by Prince Andrew will go away until Prince Andrew has faced the courts and justice.

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