are englands schools safe - steve smith

We have politicians on our televisions downplaying the rising ‘R-number’, and healthcare ‘experts’ who told us all that face coverings were a risk now telling us children can’t catch COVID-19. This is not just nonsense, in my opinion its dangerous!


Next week, the English summer holiday’s end and the children will go back to school. Now, the question on everyone’s lips is “will my child be safe?”. Rest assured, your Government has spent a massive amount of money to convince you that everything is fine and that kids are COVID-invincible; The fact is, everything is NOT fine, and kids CAN catch COVID-19!

When the ‘experts’ tell us about Government studies that show children are less likely to catch COVID-19, or how schools are safe because they are full of children, we have to remember that it is rhetoric. Boris Johnsons Government wants people to believe that the Prime Ministers is right and that sending children back to school is safe. Sadly, the goal is to push children into potentially dangerous situations, for the benefit of ‘the economy‘, which translates into ‘a few rich people who need to keep making money’.

Harries told the publis that masks created more risk of catching COVID-19.

Voice Britannia is aware of one child (local to Smith personally) who, at aged 13, caught COVID-19 and got so ill that they were in intensive care, so ill they had to be ventilated. Was this very young and sick Coronavirus victim a figment of our collective imagination? No; It really happened and the child is one of the thousands who became seriously ill from COVID-19.

By June 2020, 71 children under the age of 18 in the UK had to receive intensive care support due after becoming seriously ill due to COVID-19, sadly 5 of those children had died.

When it comes to schools returning, Scotland is a few weeks ahead of England. While Boris Johnson and his media minions are acting like schools returning will be a safe and inert experience, reports from up-north tell a very different story.

Since schools have returned in Scotland, COVID-19 has coincidentally also been on the increase; while the 2 cannot be linked at this moment, the potential of this being a cause of spread has to be considered.

Currently, Schools in Lanarkshire,  Blantyre, Tayside and just this morning, a large outbreak has been reported at a school in Dundee which has seen 17 staff members, 2 pupils and 3 ‘community contacts’ all test positive for COVID-19; all 22 cases are connected to Kingspark School.

Kingspark School – Dundee outbreak

I will leave you with a question; How does COVID-19 know the difference between a child and an adult? A Virus cannot count, it has no eyes, a brain or sentience. All a virus knows is that it can multiply and spread.

While the countries morally bankrupt government ministers and their sycophantic media supporters try and tell us that nothing is wrong, and to send our kids back into the Petrie-dishes known as ‘SCHOOL’; Remember that Schools are NOT safer than anywhere else in society during the pandemic.

While Children may be less susceptible to catching COVID-19, they can still very much carry the virus and spread it to adults.

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