The Scottish First minister Nicola Sturgeon has signalled a relaxation of Scotlands COVID-19 lockdown rules, announcing that Scotland will move to phase 2 of their COVID19 lockdown from tomorrow (19th June).

Sturgeon spoke of how the actions Scots Government have taken to fight COVID19, which included an extended lockdown. R in Scotland is stable at 0.6-0.9.

Sturgeon said she was grateful for the sacrifices everyone in Scotland has made; going on to say she is pleased to conclude that Scotland can now move into the next phase of relaxing the lockdown, but stressed we must still exercise caution.

The first minister said “the virus is still here and we must remember that as the risk of a second peak remains.

Sturgeon told MSP’s “The prize for going a bit more carefully, is a recovery which is more sustainable. sturgeon indicated a prioritised and ‘staged’ approach. “There is no perfect way out out of lockdown she said.

The changes

Those shielding can now exercise outdoors. Clinical advisors have said that (from tommorow) shielded people can take part in no-contact outdoor activities like golf or fishing. People who are shielding can now meet with people in one other household, as long as its no more than 8 people. Social distancing remains and you cannot go into someone else’s house “even to use a toilet”. Sturgeon said. “limited outdoor meetings can improve your quality of life” While sturgeon announced Scotland is moving into phase 2, people are still being told to remain within 5 miles of their home location.

Everyone else Social interaction. From tommorow, people from one household can meet with up to 2 other households outdoor, with no more than 2 at a time and no more than 2 at a day. People can now use another households toilet when you are meeting in their garden however meetings between households must still be outdoors.

From Tommorow, People in Scotland will now be allowed to go outside as much as they want, although people still have to remain within a 5-mile radius from their home.

Social Bubbles. Anyone living alone, or alone with children, can form a social bubble, following the guidence from UK Government.

From the 22nd June, the construction industry will be allowed to reopen, as will Dentists, professional sport (without an audience) and churches.

From 29th June, some indoor workplaces like factories and labs will be allowed to open (following social distancing and staggered work times). Outdoor markets, playgrounds, zoos and parks will be allowed to open from this date, although people should not travel any more than 5 miles to get there, and tickets must be digital. House sales will be allowed to restart, and people will be allowed to get married

ALL shops will be able to open as long as they have outdoor entrances and exits. shopping centres will remain closed but should plan for phase 3 when they will open. All premises must ensure proper social distancing and hygiene rules are followed.

Unfortunately, Sturgeon announced that no date can be made at this time for outdoor hospitality venues at this time. She said that scientists have found gyms and pubs can be hotspots but she gave assurances that she should have further advice on this point on or around the 2nd July (within phase 2).

The First Minister also stated it is her hope that people work from home for the time being and in the future. Face coverings will be mandatory on all public transport. Sturgeon told the public that they should ALL wear coverings whether it is mandatory, or not.

Sturgeon stated that while Scotland moving into phase 2 social distancing should remain at 2 meters and she will not be changing this, although, she has people investigating whether we may be able to reduce this to 1-meter in the future, however at this time, social distancing remains at 2m.

People are now to be told to “stay safe, protect others and save lives”.

All changes to Scotland lockdown moving into phase 2 - chart
All changes to Scotland lockdown moving into phase 2

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