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Glasgow-based company Omanos Analytics has been awarded funding from the UK space agency to support ‘the gEOthermal Kenya project’ and future, sustainable development in Kenya’s energy sector.

UK space Agency

Omanos Analytics, in partnership with GSI, will be working with the Kenyan government to ‘characterise and monitor’ land use around the sites of current and future geothermal power plants.

The UK space agency has awarded the gEOthermal Kenya project £300,000 in funding as part of the UKSA’s cutting-edge ‘International Partnership Programme (IPP)’; which has provided £3.4 Million to fund 10 UK space-based projects.

Science Minister Amanda Solloway said: “From flooding to climate change, around the world people continue to be affected by crises that are having a profound impact on their countries’ economies and their lives.

“These 10 new projects have the potential to provide solutions to the world’s biggest development problems by using the latest and most high-tech space technologies such as satellites, and help improve millions of people’s lives in developing countries.”

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