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Fun fact, after the 2018 “Vicargate” saga, Allison Pearson followed me on Twitter for years. I always wondered what she saw in my timeline; but alas, the anti-woke warrior ironically cancelled me for criticising one of her articles.

I wish I could remember what triggered the disagreement – All I can remember is it was long before COVID. For the longest time, I had no idea she was even a journalist, or that she worked for old man Telegraph!

This morning, Allison has taken to the virtual pages of governments favourite rag to continue her one-woman culture war against a pandemic. The biggest irony is that many agree with her on how poorly the COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented; Although, while she thinks the restrictions are too harsh, those who ‘follow the science’ know the new restrictions are not strict enough!

Ridiculous rules

Ridiculous Covid rules are hurting the young – nobody wants them to be punished in our name.


The topic of todays karenite ramblings is her belief that ‘Ridiculous‘ COVID-19 regulations ‘punish‘ students ‘in our name‘. While I am begrudgingly approaching my 4-0’s, I am still technically a mature student, so this is a topic is close to me.

Before we even get to the HEADER blurb of Allison’s article, the premise has fallen apart. First, the claim is made that the COVID-19 restrictions are ‘ridilious‘; Sure, they may seem illogical at times, but ridilious? This is a claim I will need to see some numbers on.

People can deny empirical data respect of COVID-19 lockdowns/restrictions all they want, but the protests do not make the data wrong, and they do not prove that rules are ridilious.

If we look back at the amounts of new Coronavirus cases and deaths during the pandemic there is a clear correlation with lockdown being introduced and infections and death rates decreasing.

It was the first UK-wide lockdown regulations that knocked the virus down to around 400 cases a day. What is ridilious is a Fleet Street journalist openly advocating for ignorance in the face empirical data in relation to a deadly pandemic.


STILL WALLOWING WITHIN THE trigger bait headline, we have yet more nonsense. The assertion that ‘COVID rules are hurting the young‘.

As I’ve already demonstrated (above), no one is being hurt; quite the opposite! Lockdown and strict regulations on social distancing save lives, this is NOT up for debate; this is proven science.

The way I see it, anyone making this argument should be placed in the same box as flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers. Statistically, these people are a much bigger risk to young people than any regulation.

Sticking with the claims that ‘COVID rules are hurting the young’; let’s talk about who is currently at the most risk of catching COVID-19. Data released by governments Department of Health shows that the majority of new COVID-19 cases are occurring in those aged between 20 – 39; Which is also the dominant age group of people attending Universities.

The new rules have been put in place to PROTECT the young. and the reality is that they simply do not go far enough. While I disagree (but understand) that schools should remain open, I cannot see any rational argument for keeping Universities open.

Further education is one of the areas where most people involved can work remotely. It is not easy, but I finished my dissertation and degree working from home during the pandemic; it IS doable!

The body

The article itself is a 1300 word attack on rationality and truth which grasps on to the most disproven myth the pandemic has created. Allison writes that she was ‘glad that her son has caught COVID19, as it meant he couldform a tiny tile on the vast human shieldthat she believes willprotect his grandparents and other endangered citizens.

Her assertion relies on the ‘herd immunity’ theory being applicable to COVID-19; something which multiple scientific studies have deemed improbable. Her son catching COVID will do precisely feck all to protect his or anyone else’s grandparents; Rather, he will become another vector the invisible enemy to infect others! And of course, the kicker here is that if her son had followed the ‘unfair’ guidelines he could have avoided the virus altogether!

We thought we voted for Winston Churchill and we got King Canute


If you are able to read past the disproven themes of herd immunity, and a mainstream journalist equating Boris the bullshitter Johnson to Winston Churchill – you are rewarded with even MORE keech!

We are told the Prime Minister (and in turn the Telegraph readers) should, in fact, be listening to Prof’ Sunetra Gupta; A theoretical scientist who advocated that should young people go out of their way to catch COVID-19 before winter.

This is the same Sunetra Gupta who STILL advocates for herd immunity in the face of multiple peers reviewed studies that prove otherwise.

It beggars belief that anyone can think voulentarily catching COVID-19 could ever be a good thing! What next, will she also be throwing her son a chlamydia party? It’s like no one told Allison about the long-term effects of the virus.

Never has the term ‘as a mother‘ took such a beating!

As a journalist, all I (literally) have is my words and my integrity; If I tell lies it WILL damage my credibility.

It blows me away that the Telegraph, our current government’s newspaper of choice, openly flirts with dishonesty; Although flirt may be a stretch, It’s more like the Telegraph have been pinned down by dishonesty and rogered with a dry bannister!

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