Youngsters in South Liverpool’s have received a sobering COVID19 warning, following reports of a spike in cases in young people; with more than half of new cases in the area occurring in the 15-24 age group.

The stark warning has come after the area was included on a leaked list of localities most at risk of Coronavirus outbreaks. This detailed look at local areas follows the recent outbreak in Leicester which led to Englands first ‘local lockdown’.

The leaked data also shows that Carlisle, Bolton, Sheffield, Blackburn and Darwen are all being flagged as areas of concern; which could lead to the areas being locked down if things dont change.

The warning comes scientists in Spain find that immunity to COVID19 following infection may not be as strong as it does with other viruses. The Madrid study showed that as little as 5% of people developed an immunity to COVID-19, meaning Herd Immunity is ‘unattainable’.

Read about the Spanish COVID-19 immunity study here,

Should the government stick with its current COVID19 plan, or does it need to change what it is doing?

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