Tobias Weller completes his marathon challange raising over £60000

After 70 days of “ginormous challenge”, 9-year-old Tobias Weller managed to raised over £70,000 for Charity. Tobias, who lives with autism and cerebral palsy, was inspired by Captain Tom Moore garden marathon challenge and wanted to walk 1km and raise £500 for charity. Little did he know how valuable this walk would become.

Remarkably, at the start of his 26.2 mile-long adventure, Tobias, who due to his cerebral palsy walks with the aid of a “crocodile walker”, could only manage to walk 50 meters per day, but due to Tobias’s grit and determination, he was able to extend that to 750 meters per day.

This Sunday, police closed off the street, and the residents hung up balloons, signs and bunting, to celebrate Tobias completing his challenge. At the writing of this article, Tobias Weller just giving page (which you can still donate to) was sitting at a ginormous total of £78,608, more than double the target he set out to achieve.

Captain Tobias’s fundraising was being done for the Sheffield Children’s hospital, and Paces School who works with children with cerebral palsy and where Tobias is a pupil. The money will be used to help create a “national centre for conductive education” and help children with cerebral palsy across the UK.

Tobias mother Ruth Garbutt told reporters that he wanted to keep walking, with a new goal of 50km. Ruth told media “I’m so, so pleased that he’s completed his marathon. He’s done really well. He’s tried so hard all the way through. He’s really achieved a massive goal. I’m bursting with pride for my little boy. He’s just magnificent.”.

Tobias Weller completes his marathon challange raising over £60000
Tobias Weller completes his marathon challange raising over £60000

Tobias Wellers just giving page is still online and accepting donations via the link below.

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