UK government covid19 alert levels

UPDATE: Government have announced that they will be lowering the UK’s Coronavirus alert level to level 3. This follows the UK’s CMO’s stating they believed it should be lowered.

The UK’s Chief medical officers for Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland believe that evidence shows the UK Governments Coronavirus alert level should be lowered. This would move the UK COVID19 alert level down to ‘level 3’.

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The CMO’s made the recommendation after reviewing all evidence from the UK’s 4 nations. Currently, the UK is at Coronavirus Level 4 which means the virus is in general circulation, and risk of transmission is high.

UK government covid19 alert levels
UK government covid19 alert levels

Moving to alert level 3 means the epidemic is in general circulation although the risk of exponential transmission is low. Ministers intend on briefing the public on these changes at tonights Downing Street COVID-19 briefing.

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