UK COVID-19 cases now higher than when boris loced down the uk

On Friday, The Department of Health registered 1440 new COVID-19 cases in the UK; which was followed by 1062 new cases on Saturday (15th August)!

In the last week (9th august to 15th august), the UK only saw one day where LESS than 1000 COVID-19 cases registered; leading to a total of 7616 new COVID-19 cases for the week, and an extremely worrying average of 1088 new cases every day!

This equates to a 31.06% increase in the UK’s new COVID-19 cases from the week before!

Health Minister Matt Hancock – Running from BLAME!

In recent weeks, Voice Britannia has been reporting on the total amount of new COVID-19 cases which are reported every week, and the rolling averages.

Weekly UK COVID-19 cases and daily averages.

  • Week ending 11th July = 556 daily cases. (3894 new cases)
  • Week ending 18th July = 610 daily cases. (4272 new cases) +9.07%
  • Week ending 25th July = 659 daily cases. (4615 new cases) +8.02%
  • Week ending 1st Aug = 753 daily cases. (5271 new cases) +14.21%
  • Week ending 8th Aug = 830 daily cases. (5811 new cases) +10.24%
  • Week ending 15th Aug = 1088 daily cases. (7616 new cases) +33%

It is becoming obvious that whatever Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and the rest of Government are doing to slow down COVID-19 is simply not working. The amounts of new cases in the UK has been steadily rising since the start of July, with the 1088 daily average returning for the first time since JUNE!

The first time the UK broke through the 1000 COVID-19 barrier was on the 24th of March this year.

It only took 17 DAYS for the amounts of cases to skyrocket to over 7800 cases, and sadly the UK seems to be on the same path, again.

While Government is focused on ‘local lockdown’ and measures to slow COVID-19 down at a local level, the virus seems to be running out of control. Locking areas down while the rest of the UK can do as it wants is not working; and allowing pubs, gyms and other hospitality businesses to operate, combined with the abject lack of leadership from Westminster, looks to have triggered the second Coronavirus wave.

It was easy for Government to say claim 300 or even 500 new COVID-19 cases per-day are just blips, but it simply cannot gloss over this, worrying number.

The last time we reached this amount of new COVID-19 cases Boris Johnson LOCKED DOWN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY! It now looks like the UK must go back into a form of national lockdown of this developing second wave will be a lot worse than the first!

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