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Today, The Prime Minister will move to curb the second COVID-19 wave which has been sweeping across the UK in recent weeks.

With Coronavirus cases again reaching the same levels we saw during the first peak, Government are looking to lock down as much of the UK as they can; without calling it a lockdown.

Boris Johnson with covid19
Boris Johnson with covid19

The prime minister is set to make a statement to the public following todays Prime Minister’s questions. It is believed the prime minister will announce that from Monday, (in England) only six people will be allowed to meet. People breaking this law will be issued with a £100 on-the-spot fine, which will ramp up to as much as £3,200 with continues reoffending.

Devolved nations have different lockdown regulations to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Click the links to find out locldown laws in those areas.

The Six-people-rule will allow six people to meet, from up to six households, whether adults or children; and will apply indoors, outdoors, in homes, gardens, parks and any other venue where people can congregate.

From Monday …

From Monday, The two household rule that allows up to 30 people from two homes to meet up, will be scrapped; meaning all family and social gatherings of more than six people will become illegal.

To help enforce the new rules, Boris Johnson announced:

  • Premises and venues where people meet socially will be legally required to request the contact details of a member of every party, record and retain these details for 21 days, and provide them to NHS Test & Trace without delay when required.
  • We will support local authorities to make further and faster use of their powers to close venues that are breaking the rules and pose a risk to public health.
  • Fines will be levied against hospitality venues that fail to ensure their premises remain COVID Secure.
  • We will boost the enforcement capacity of local authorities by introducing COVID Secure Marshalls to help ensure social distancing in town and city centres, and by setting up a register of Environmental Health Officers that local authorities can draw upon for support.
  • We will simplify the Passenger Locator Form needed for travelling to the UK, and take measures to ensure these are completed and checked before departure.
  • Border Force will step up enforcement efforts at the border to ensure arrivals are complying with the quarantine rules.
  • We will also restrict the opening hours of premises, initially in some local areas.

The six-person-rule seems like an overly conflated sticking plaster. What we are seeing is a Government which has its mind on other things. While COVID-19 has returned to the UK in force, Conservative politicians are focusing their energy on how they can breach international law and scrap the Withdrawal agreement.

The UK Government has become a reactionary force; unable to plan for the short or long term future. Instead, they are just reacting; making seemingly popular decisions that work in the short term; but create headaches for whoever is in power in 4 years time.

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