Wales is to be put back into a state of lockdown from this Friday!

Following attempts by Welsh First Minister to stop people entering Wales from COVID-hotspot areas; FM Mark Drakeford has announced a 2-week ‘fire-break’ Welsh lockdown.

Sources have seen a letter sent to industry leaders indicating the current plan is for Wales to go back into a state of lockdown from Friday. The ‘fire-break’ lockdown will see Wales put back into the same, draconian measures experienced by many during the initial Coronavirus lockdowns in March.

It had now been announced that Wales will be locked down for two-weeks; The lockdown will begin at 6 pm Friday 23rd October and last until the 9th November.

At the Welsh FM’s Friday press conference Mark Drakeford said: “This would be a short, sharp shock to the virus, which could turn back the clock, slowing down its spread and buying us more time and vital capacity in the health service.

“A fire-break would also, however, mean a short, sharp shock to all our lives.

“We would all have to stay at home once again, to save those lives. This time it would be for weeks, and not for months.”

The introduction of a fire-break lockdown in Wales will bring more attention to Boris Johnson’s, and to a degree Scots FM Nicola Sturgeon’s refusal of second lockdowns.

While most UK leaders are opting for regional plans to tackle COVID-19 the reality is there is little to no evidence that local restrictions stop Coronavirus spreading.

Historically, the only method of restriction which has reduces the spread of infection has been a full lockdown of society. However, while the government is refusing to pay people to go home advocating that schools remain open, this proven solution is a pipe dream!

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