Long before learning to deconstruct youtube videos or how to ‘write’ news; I was a small-time DJ’s who ran small events. It was a niche scene, but a fun scene. The joy that can be gleaned by simply dropping the right beat at the right time is hard to describe.

The reality of the modern tech-hell we live in is that its hard to mentally escape, almost impossible. Yet for many, if you take them to the right venue, with the right music (and some alcohol or something a bit more Tory), you can watch people forget about their cares and get truly lost in the music.

This IS escape; Temporarily escaping the hyper-real nightmare we live in, for an hour of musical respite.

Music IS escape.

The ‘hospitality’ industry is in the middle of its worst-case scenario. If venues are closed that means they are not generating income, which means they can’t pay staff. It means bouncers have no work, promoters have no venues to promote in, and artists have nowhere to play music. It’s simply unsustainable. No Mon = No Fun!

I understand the situation

I understand the situation, in terms of the ‘hospitality’ industry AND, as someone who writes about day to day life outside the entertainment bubble. BUT; Its time someone reminded the ‘hospitality’ industry that they are not the only ones being put through the COVID wringer.

Call me crazy, but I, much like most of the British public, will always put an unemployed family over the needs of a nightclub owner. Since the pandemic started almost 750,000 people have lost employment in the UK; many of them linked to areas of the hospitality industry which were forced to close their doors.

Me when I used to DJ – YES, they ARE Vinyl records!

In terms of COVID-19 help for British businesses, the hospitality industry has had the biggest helping hand from the Government. To help this sector we saw Rishi Sunak slash their VAT rate down to 5%, he rolled out the ‘Eat out to help out’ scheme to encourage people to go to the pub; and the government has gone out of its way to try and keep pubs open. Yet the biggest noise we still hear demanding help from government IS still the hospitality sector. (Martin related?)

Personally, I think its time these leaders pull their heads out of their bubbles and a look at society around them. They are not alone. Sure, I get it, they need to pay the rent on their buildings and they need to pay their bills; But so does everyone else.

Should we really be saving the likes of Tim Martin while families go hungry?


In the physical world we all live in, PEOPLE are losing their jobs. Sole traders are losing their livelihoods and Independent businesses are closing doors for good. These are people who are losing everything, not faceless industries.


I now see the constant claims that ‘our industry needs to be saved’ as selfish, verging on tasteless; Like a millionaire claiming milk vouchers. We know ‘your industry’ needs saving as it seems every industry that doesn’t involve delivering food or producing large PPE contracts need saving to a degree!

The time has come for the people who are fervently campaigning for ‘their industry’ to turn that zeal towards saving society and everyone within it.

It might surprise people to know, but the UK is run by a soulless bunch of ideologues who don’t actually care about any of us. The UK Government are more than happy for everyone to fight one another for help, as it stops them fighting government. It is only by coming together that any person or entity will force any change in how government reacts to COVID-19.

It is time for sectors to stop demanding they THEY get help, it is time for people to come together and its time for the UK collectively DEMAND that government helps EVERYONE!

Why do you think Government are using COVID-19 to criminalise protesting? It’s only by coming together the 66+ MILLION British people force any sort of change. There has been a lot of chatter about National Strikes lately, Perhaps that’s where we should all be heading if we genuinly want change.

Music IS escape – Keep it real Darryn!
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