fixed - public mislead on covid testing

The chair of Governments Vaccine Taskforce said the public has been ‘misguided’ by politicians on future COVID-19 vaccination programs. Currently, the UK Government only intends on vaccinating ‘around 30 million’ people.

Kate Bingham, who was appointed as the Vaccine Taskforce chair in May, told FT reporters that vaccinating the whole country ‘was not going to happen’. There will be no vaccination for children under the age of 18!

Bingham said people keep talking about how long it will take to vaccinate the entire population, but this question in itself is misguided.

UK Government signs deal for 90 million doses of potential Covid-19 vaccines  – Care Appointments
Governments Vaccine Taskforce chair Kate Bingham.

“There’s going to be no vaccination of people under 18. It’s an adult-only vaccine, focusing on health workers and care home workers and the vulnerable.”

The Vaccine Taskforce chair told FT government are aiming to vaccinate around 30 million people; less than half of the UK’s 66 million population. The UK’s COVID vaccination program will be aimed at those ‘most at risk’; meaning vaccinations will only be given to Health and care home staff, people over 50, and ‘vulnerable’ people with pre-existing conditions.

Experts warn that a COVID-19 vaccine will not be a quick fix. Imperial College London’s Professor Nilay Shah warned that even if a vaccine was ready for spring 2021 restrictions were likely to remain in place for a long time.

With less than 50% of the population being vaccinated, the public will likely have to follow restrictions for many months, possibly years into the future.

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