Gove showing he can wear a mask

When the clock strikes 1200 on the 23rd of July, England will move into the next phase of its Coronavirus pandemic war. The wearing of Face coverings will be mandatory in shops, shopping centres and other establishments. It will become a crime to not wear a mask in some cases; punishable with a £100 fine!

It will also be mandatory to wear masks in Banks, building societies and post offices.

Government have announced today that Restaurants, pubs and gyms will be exempt from this ruling. Also exempt are eat-in restaurants and pubs, hairdressers and other treatment salons, gyms, leisure centre, cinemas, concert halls and theatres; So, in reality, the only places it seems people have to actually wear a mask in, are shops and while ordering food-to-go from Pret! (sorry, what?)

Governments claim that making the wearing of face coverings mandatory from the 24th July is an ‘important step’ to taking the country out of lockdown. The government are hoping that the public ‘play their part’ although, mass confusing exists on how the wearing of masks will be enforced, with many police stating they will not take action. Government have also stated that anyone under 11 and disabled people with respiratory or cognitive impairments will be exempt from the rules.

A statement from the Department of Health said “There is evidence to suggest that, when used correctly, face coverings may reduce the likelihood of someone with the infection passing it on to others, particularly if they are asymptomatic.

“The government is telling the public to play their part and wear face coverings in order to help fight the spread of the virus, enabling further easing of national restrictions.”

The Health Minister, Matt Hancock said “As we move into the next stage of easing restrictions for the public, it is vital we continue to shop safely so that we can make the most of our fantastic retail industry this summer.

“Everyone must play their part in fighting this virus by following this new guidance. I also want to thank the British public for all the sacrifices they are making to help keep this country safe

Full list of England’s mask exemptions

The use of law to make the wearing of face coverings in public mandatory, during a killer-global pandemic, is undoubtedly a good thing; however, many are asking why masks are NOT needed in some of the more high-risk areas such as salons, pubs and gyms? Why is it Government has waited 4 months into its COVID-19 fight to use the law to encourage the wearing of face coverings? And, WHY is the legislation being used to force people to finally cover their faces contains more holes than a block of Swiss Cheese?

All we can do is protect ourselves, protect our friends and protect our families as best as we can. Please, Remember to keep washing your hands, keep your stance from others and wear a mask!

What do you think about Government bringing in legislation to force the wearing of masks? Is this a good thing or are you an anti-masker?!

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