government add 13000 deaths to covid19 total - but msm are not reporting it

Away from the focus of many, the government’s ‘COVID-19 dashboard’ has quietly added 13,964 COVID-19 deaths to its total; Although, MSM news channels are still reporting the lower 43,725 total death statistic!

13,964 COVID-19 deaths not being counted!

This information seems to have gone unnoticed by most mainstream media channels, including BBC and Sky News, Who are all reporting the lower 43,726 “deaths within 28 days of positive test” amount as the official COVID-19 death total.

According to a recent, and quietly added statistic, there has actually been (by Oct 19th) 57,690 deaths. The actual COVID-19 deaths are being listed as “Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate”.

Due to the technology used on the COVID-19 dashboard, it is difficult to pinpoint when the new metric was added; Although it is confirmed to have appeared somewhere between the 1st and 10th of October.

No good reason

Regardless of when someone died from COVID-19; if the reason for death is recorded as COVID-19 there is no reason why it has not been counted in the running totals.

We have no idea how long the additional 13,964 deaths have not been reported, and in turn, ignored by the media and public.

The media cannot do our job properly if we are not provided with correct information in a consistent manner. The Department of Health has continued to alter how they report Coronavirus statistics; to the point where it is at times difficult to track and report the statistic accurately.

It is hard to work out if this level of incompetence is by accident, or on purpose. That 13,964 other people all died from COVID-19 too, so why have they not being counted?

Government are reporting the total deaths as 43,726, while at the same time telling us its 57,690. We all need to know WHY!

Voice Britannia has contacted the Department of Health for comment.

Editorial note

Editorial Note from Steve Smith: Long before I was a journalist or writer I worked as a Systems Administrator for a local council. Among my many jobs was processing and inputting death certificates. This separation of death statistics by government is 100% rhetorical. If a death certificate says COVID19 on it then that is the death that is recorded into the system, and in turn, forever recorded in history.

All Government need to report is how many death certificates are created with COVID-19 as the reason of death that day; Nothing more, nothing less!

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