Police in London has issued a 5 PM curfew ahead of protests and expected clashes between anti-racism activists and Tommy Robinson supporters.

This week, far-right influencer Tommy Robinson called on his supporters to meet him in London, to counter-protest Black Lives Matter; Tommy Robinson later announced he won’t be attending any protests in London.

Tommy Robinson called on supporters to meet him on London.
Tommy Robinson called on supporters to meet him on London.

Black Lives Matter has cancelled their official Hyde Park protest in fear of violence breaking out between factions; However, it’s expected that unofficial protests will take place in central London today.

Hundreds of protestors ignored Government guidence and attended a protest in Trafalgar Square yesterday.

Throughout, members of the ‘Democratic Football Lads Association’ and other groups began showing up to protect war memorials and statues. Officials decided to board-up London’s war memorials and statues that could be considered controversial by protestors.

Police hope that putting these flashpoints out of the protestors reach will reduce the confrontations occurring.

The majority of the Black Lives Matter protests have been peaceful; police fear far-right protestors could push tensions to the breaking point between protestors. The Home Secretary has urged people not to attend the “illegal” gatherings.

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