Priti Patel says all large gatherings are unlawful folowing blacklivesmatter protests

Reshuffle incoming?

With rumours of a cabinet reshuffle are looming, ministers will be hoping they have done to please Dominic Cummings! The last cabinet reshuffle happened on the 13th February and saw Sajid Javid replaced with Priti Patel.

Patel is rumoured to be getting the sack in a scheduled Cabinet reshuffle.

Cummings was lambasted for driving 260 miles to his second-home during the COVID19 lockdown. He drove to unregistered home after testing positive for COVID19 with his wife and child. While in Durham, Cummings also drive 60 miles to ‘test his eyes’.

Cummings drove 60 miles with child to ‘test his eyes’.

Police said Dominic Cummings may have the broke current pandemic guidelines.

Priti Patel is said to have heat on her for not defending Cummings Durham trip.

This news will surprise people as Priti Patel is loyal to Boris. If true, a fissure is developing in Cabinet between those who support Cummings and those who dont.

Yesterday, Patel told the House of Commons “all large gatherings are unlawful”. This statement followed the weekend’s Black Lives Matter protests across the UK.

Government singing from differnt hymn-sheets.

This news comes as Boris Johnson’s ‘save Summer’ team is trying to re-open England’s pubs 2-weeks ahead of schedule.

Alok Sharma, one of 6 ‘save summer’ team members, is currently towards reducing social-distancing to a 1-meter rule; while Grant Shapps is looking to see if planning rules can be relaxed so pubs can use outdoor areas easier.

Whether it’s Dominic Cummings ignoring Coronavirus laws, or Boris tasking ministers to find ways to allow large gatherings (in England); Government seems split. On one side, we have ministers who clearly want to enforce law and order and stop large gatherings; while across the table, there are ministers whose current goal is to allow large gatherings.

Tone Deaf
The smile could be wiped from her face soon.