Thousands have ignored Governments Coronavirus guidelines to attend Black Lives Matter protests across the UK. Last week, over 135 ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors have been arrested. Crimes include Criminal Damage and breach of peace and the breaching of dispersal orders.

Winston churchill statue vandalised

Speaking to ministers this week, Home Secretary Priti Patel claimed a “lawless minority of protesters”┬áhad violently subverted protests.

Patel told ministers “The thugs and criminals responsible are already being brought to justice”. Priti Patel and Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland announced on Friday that courts would “sit through-out the night”; aiming to sentence law-breakers within 24 hours.

Over 35 police officers were injured at protests during the last week. In Bristol, a statue of 17th-century philanthropist Edward Coulson was torn-down by protestors, then thrown in the River Avon.

Police reported that over 135 arrests took place during the almost-200 Black Lives Matter protests last week.

Edward Coulson statue : thrown into River Avon by Black Lives Matter protestors.

Ministers and Police look to clamp down on protesting and acts of civil disobedience during the UK’s Coronavirus lockdown; although scenes from recent protests have shown that years of cuts to the police has potentially left them unable to deal with large-scale civil disobedience.

Edward coulson statue was pulled down by BLM activists.

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