uk covid19 new cases rise 30th august

As of the 30th August, the average amount of new COVID-19 cases the UK reports every day has jumped by a massive 20%. As the summer holidays draw to a close, it looks like Coronavirus could also be returning from its holidays!

Last Sunday (30th August), the UK reported 1715 new COVID-19 cases; This is the highest amount of new cases since the 31st of May!

new daily cases as of 30th august
new daily cases as of 30th august

In the week between Monday the 24th August and Sunday the 30th August, the UK recorded 8706 new cases of COVID-19, this gives us a daily average of 1243 new Coronavirus cases every day!

Comments made by a ‘prominent media personality’ attempted to conflate the recent increase in COVID-19 testing with the increase in new-reported cases; However, recent data from the NHS (England) Test and Trace program show that in the last month, the testing has actually slowed. It is unlikely that the increase in new cases has any relation to the test and trace program.

Over the last month, every week we have reported on the slow but steady increase in new COVID-19 cases in the UK. This week, MILLIONS of people will be returning to work, school and parliament; and some of them will be unknowingly carrying the Virus.

One ray of light in the Coronavirus darkness is that the R number and the rate of infection have been dropping in recent weeks, with projections becoming a lot less scary. The hope is that the new cases being reported are the final kicks of a virus in defeat, and not the start of another viral run-away-train as we saw in March and April.

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