Government trying to reopen pubs on 22nd june 2 weeks early

A group of cabinet ministers (Gove, Jenrick, Sharma, Sunak, Dowden and Shapps) have launched a ‘save summer’ project. The ministers aim to rush the re-opening of pubs from the 4th July to the 22nd June. However, this rush to re-open comes while many expect a second COVID-19 ‘peak.

FT reports that ministers are keen on pushing forward plans, with pubs reopening although with social distancing in place.

Rishi Sunak – Save Summer

Current social distancing rules use a ‘2-meter rule’ to keep people apart, but Alok Sharma is looking alter this. Sharma recently spoke with the Danish business secretary to investigate the operation of their ‘1-meter-rule’.

A change of the social-distancing rules to a 1-meter-rule would allow more people into licenced premises. Brewery Bosses have opined that British pubs are ‘too small’ to open under current social distancing guidelines and be profitable.

Housing secretary Robert Jenrick is said to be reviewing current planning rules to allow pubs to use outdoor spaces easier.

Under this plan, pubs would be able to make use of beer gardens, tents and terraces so people would be able to social distance properly although many have low hopes of people maintaining social distancing rules when intoxicated. In other areas of the UK, pubs and social spaces will remain closed.

Boris and Whisky