Huge jump in COVID-19 hospital admissions

There has been a massive increase in COVID-19 patients admitted to NHS hospitals in the last 24 hours. There are now more people being admitted to hospital daily than there were when the Prime Minister called the first nationwide lockdown.

Current state of COVID-19 hospital admissions

NHS Coronavirus hospital statistics 23/09/2020.

Overnight, the amount of people in hospital has increased by almost 500, jumping from 1081 on the 22nd of September, to a worrying 1469 on the 23rd (tonight).

On the 1st of April, at the peak of the first wave, the UK saw 3564 admissions. While today’s jump is only half-way to peak admission levels if admissions continue to climb at the same level, it will be a matter of days until the NHS is stretched well beyond its breaking point.

Peak hospital admissions – 1st April 2020.

Overall NHS hospital capacity

At present, there are around 1500 people being treated in NHS hospital for COVID-19; However reporting of live hospital stats had been intermittent, with Northern Irelands stats missing from the report.

During the first wave, the amounts of people being treated in hospital peaked on the 12th of April with 19893 patients. Although the UK seems a long way from this number at the moment; If cases of Coronavirus continue to grow exponentially hospitals could be back at capacity in a matter of weeks.

Yet again, the NHS is standing at the precise of a very serious issue. Unlike the first wave, the NHS has better treatments and the nightingale hospitals are already in place to boost capacity if needed. But, also unlike the first wave cases seem to be climbing faster and there is no national lockdown in place to stop this.

We are quickly approaching the point where the Prime Minister must make the decision, the NHS or mass death and suffering. Lockdown or no lockdown, THAT is the question!

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