Breaking: Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has reported that Scotland has had no COVID-19 deaths for a fifth day in succession. In Comparison, England currently is dealing with (on average) around 100 Coronavirus deaths every day.

Studgeon has claimed the sucess as part of Scotlands much stricter, and longer lasting lockdown which was brought in to try and stop the spread of Coronavirus accross the UK.

This news will be welcomed by Scots, who have faced a longer lockdown than other parts of the UK; However, with COVID-19 deaths reducing to almost nil-per-day in Scotland, experts have pointed to Sturgeon having a much better ‘plan’ than her Westminster counterparts.

With England still records many deaths, and areas facing regional lockdown’s of towns and cities, experts worry Boris Johnson’s plans to kickstart the economy while COVID-19 is still spreading in England may end up doing a lot more damage in the long-term.

Who had the best Lockdown plan? Boris Johnson or Nicola Sturgeon?

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