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The streets of Soho were rammed all-day Saturday, as thousands of people made their ways to the capital’s pubs for the first time since the Covid19 pandemic locked most of the country’s watering holes down.

(Scroll to the bottom of the article to watch video taken in Soho yesterday.)

The streets of Soho late on Super Saturday.

Reports (and comments from VB readers) in the lead-up yesterdays ‘Super Saturday’ extravaganza had shown a mixed reaction to the festivities. Many choose to stay at home and avoid any potential collision with Coronavirus (and drunk people).

Experts within the Medical profession, and within both the official and unofficial ‘SAGE’ panels, have all warned against pubs reopening now due to the continued risk of COVID19 to society. Scientists identified pub and clubs being identified as hot spots for virus transmission.

On Friday, Boris Johnson had attempted to broadcast an air of caution to potential revellers; telling drinkers to adhere to Englands social distancing guidelines, and to ‘Stay Safe’. However, the day before in the House of Commons, MP Jacob Rees-Mogg boasted about buying a 2-and-a-half pint “yard” glass, in preparation for of a drunken night in at his local.

Video footage of Soho during ‘Super Saturday’.

Professionals have warned that the Governments mixed messaging over “Super Saturday”, and a lack of clarity over the UK’s COVID19 alert level will lead to a future increase in Coronavirus patients.

Do you think Super Saturday way right in the night of time, or was this a bad idea?

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