As we type this, ten’s if not hundreds of SPADS and their ministers are already running around Whitehall like headless chickens, searching for a sticking plaster large enough to help them avoid a second lockdown.

Government sources have told Voice Britannia that currently, the biggest barriers to a second national lockdown is Rishi Sunak. We have been told by multiple sources that Sunak is demanding the economy remains open, as a national lockdown would require a resumption of the furlough scheme; and an embaressing u-turn.

Sunak has reservations that he will be able to fully fund a second round of furlough; However, those close to the situation say the chancellor’s stubbornness is related to not wanting to be forced into his own personal U-turn.

This morning, Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance will hold an emergency Downing Street briefing to show the public (and ministers) the seriousness of the current situation. The content of today’s briefing could outweigh Sunaks need to save face.

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