digital media graduate bills student for 40k debt

A graduate made redundant due to COVID-19 and advised to ‘retrain for cyber’ by government has decided to bill the Chancellor of the Exchequer for his entire student debt!

In response to governments latest “retrain” campaign, Graphic Designer Luke Osbourne, from Hertfordshire took the extreme steps of invoicing Sunak for his entire student debt.

Speaking to The Tab , Osbourne said: “My instant reaction was, I wonder if I can get a refund on my degree if I have to retrain.”

As luke is a graduate he would only be eligible for another year of student finance while a degree would require at least 3. For those who have already obtained degrees in Media, Journalism or any of ‘the arts’ the advice to retrain verges on redundant; as without the additional funding, it is next to impossible for most to retrain for a skilled job.

Osborne went on to create an invoice for his ENTIRE £41,717.32 student debt and sent it directly to Rishi Sunak. Along with the bill, Osbourne wrote:

“I for one love a challenge and to learn a new skill ..HOWEVER, I have sadly already spent my student loan allowance training to become a graphic designer as part of the creative arts industry.

“So, I need your help! If you wish for us to retrain, if you could be so kind and pay off my student debt I will gladly go back to school to train for a new profession, who knows I could become a zoologist, a scientist or even a politician like you!

Luke Osbornes invoice to Rishi sunak – Image from The Tab

This story was originally reported by The Tab; However, Voice Britannia found it uncredited in the Northern Echo. We just thought you should know that.

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