Nightingale Hospital London for Covid-19

A current point of COVID-19 discussion on social media is the apparent lack of people being hospitalized for Coronavirus. I decided to look at the #NHS’s stats and ascertain the truth on current COVID-19 hospitalisations.

Currently, 746 patients are currently in hospital due to COVID-19, with 60 of them requiring ventilation. The UK’s hospitals are currently reporting 109 COVID-19 admissions every day.

NHS Hospital statistics showing the first COVID-19 wave.

Breakdown of 1st April NHS Hospital statistics at the peak of the 1st COVID-19 wave.

In terms of (NHS) COVID-19 hospitalisations in the UK, the day that saw the most hospital admissions was on the 1st of April. On this day, the UK saw a total of 3,563 admitted to hospitals (breakdown below). It was at this point the NHS was most stretched due to Coronavirus related staff sickness, the amounts of new-patients and the much-publicized shortages of PPE.

In conclusion, the fact is that people are still being admitted to hospital with Coronavirus; Over 100 per-day. Around 8-10% of the number of people testing positive for COVID-19 are being admitted to hospital.

In terms of new COVID-19 cases in the UK, the current daily average sits at 1243 new cases per day; with 8.76% of that number being hospitalised. If cases continue to rise at this rate, and the hospitalisation-rates remains the same it could take as little as 6-8 weeks to see the NHS fall back into the same position it was in on the 1st April this year; Although this time round the NHS will also have this year winter flu to compound problems.

The reason we dont hear much about hospitals at the moment as the amount of COVID-19 patients they are dealing with at the moment is a drop in the ocean compared with the 1st April peak. As things stand though, we are likely to start hearing about hospitals filling up again.


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